Your Business Shouldn't Need You.

Grow a thriving business that doesn't rely solely on you.

Discover the choice and freedom owning your own business should bring.

Grow your leadership effectiveness.

Your leadership drives everything.

Discover key leadership strategies to grow your influence and maximise your leadership effectiveness to grow a high-performance business and sustain it for the long term.

Discover how to grow and lead a high-performance team around you, who are 100% loyal and who are sold out to you as the leader and the vision you have for the business.

Grow a high-performance team culture and business.

Discover how to grow and lead a high-performance culture where you and your people excel and thrive together in unity and harmony.

Discover how to inspire innovation to drive productivity, creativity, ongoing performance improvement, and end results for your customers and clients.

Discover how to grow a business that attracts profitable clients because you and your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do.

Grow the level of your employee engagement.

Discover how to dramatically grow the level of engagement of each of your team members in their role and in your business.

Discover how to get each individual crystal clear on your vision for the business, their role in achieving it, and then empower them to go and do it, to the best of their ability.

Grow your recruitment and retention of high performing team members.

Discover how to save countless hours and resources in recruitment, and the frustration caused by hiring the wrong person, by knowing how to place the right people in the right roles.

Discover key strategies to grow and retain your star performers and have them working together in harmony, creating a high-performance team.

Grow your long term strategic thinking – get ON your business.

Discover strategies and processes that will free up your time to think strategically about your business and plan for the future (not just caught up in the day to day busyness).

L4G will provide a clear road-map to help you lead your business to the next level and beyond.

Grow a business that doesn’t rely solely on you. 

Discover how to grow a high-performance team around you, to whom can you can delegate to, and, who can complement your skillset, so the business doesn’t rely solely on you, giving you more time for the other things you love doing…remember those? Have more choice and freedom.

Discover how to recruit a leadership mentor for you to seek support and wisdom from so you can significantly grow your leadership effectiveness and your business.

Grow a strong and resilient mindset.

Discover how to grow and maintain a strong and resilient mindset to enable you to keep you and your team climbing together, even through the extremely challenging times in business.

Grow a balanced and happy home life.

Discover how to grow a business that doesn’t rely solely on you to free you up so you can spend regular, quality time with loved ones and to do the things you love to do.

Discover how to better understand yourself and those you surround yourself with, to give you greater insight into how to make your relationships thrive, in harmony.

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About Peter Cox

CEO, Leadership Dynamics

Peter Cox

Peter Cox is Australia’s premier leadership expert with over 27 years of hands-on experience and his services are in demand across the world.As the founder and CEO of Leadership Dynamics and Leading4Growth, Peter has communicated to audiences ranging from over 45,000 people to his renowned one-on-one sessions, all designed to mentor, empower and nurture people to reach their leadership potential.An accomplished author and businessman, Peter brings you the credibility of working with some of Australia’s largest businesses and most successful sporting teams.To lead you need to allow yourself to be led and over the last 27 years Peter Cox has been mentored by some significant global entrepreneurs who exemplify leadership.This has enabled him to become a coveted leadership specialist in creating a desire for individuals to grow in leadership by creating a change in their thinking and understanding what leadership is truly all about.Peter can bring to all organisations and individuals greater effectiveness, improved communication, increased formality and elevated unity and harmony.A key member of several Australian boards, Peter can help you identify natural leaders, increase influence and to lead, not follow.